9 Z6 A2470

The qui­et beau­ty of the Som­er­set land­scape, the still calm of the stu­dio with­in it, the med­i­ta­tive nature of the mak­ing — the soul of each piece is spo­ken in a lan­guage of rain­bow golds.

9 Z6 A3074
9 Z6 A3062

Day­dreams trans­lat­ed into gold­en forms…

9 Z6 A3017
9 Z6 A1393
9 Z6 A0105

Each ele­ment is worked by hand — cut, melt­ed and ham­mered into pieces of a refined beau­ty that whis­per the sto­ry of their making.

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9 Z6 A1177
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9 Z6 A2656

Shim­mer­ing, gold­en forms grow from qui­et­ly watch­ing the often over­looked moments in a day… Fleet­ing glimpses of the glow­ing first and last light of day are cap­tured in a painter­ly, gold­en palette.

Ephemer­al sen­sa­tions, day­dreams of small move­ments in the nat­ur­al world become infi­nite­ly del­i­cate, soft­ly min­i­mal jew­ellery. How wind, water and light touch the world shapes the designs. The flick­er of sun falling through leaves… dust danc­ing in columns of light… the brush of wind on grasses… 

Qui­et moments that are trans­formed into poet­ic jew­ellery shim­mer­ing with move­ment, pre­cious objects to be col­lect­ed and worn…

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