Based in the quiet Somerset countryside, jewellery designer Sia Taylor brings a poetic, painterly approach to her creations – capturing ephemeral moments in tiny golden forms, enabling them to be worn close to the skin. 

The resulting pieces epitomise understated beauty – wearable works of art that whisper the story of their making.

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Sia’s work is shaped by a quiet, hyper-focused sense of looking, an intuitive process that began in childhood and evolved throughout her sculpture training at the Royal College of Art. She found herself driven to capture essence and feeling in her creations, transforming natural sensations into tangible structures. 

Having long been compelled to make small things, Sia’s interest in the micro peaked while volunteering in a research project in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Amidst the vast African landscape, she was mesmerised by the delicate beauty of tiny seeds and insects, and it was this that informed her early designs.

Sia created the first incarnation of her Dots collection over 15 years ago. She could only dream that others would share her unique take on beauty – a dream that has slowly and surely been realised.

The hand-melted and hammered dots have since become her signature; embodying a pared-back, elemental beauty that can only be achieved with unwavering focus and imagination. 

Today, Sia’s practice is slow and organic; looking, thinking, dreaming and drawing, followed by intense periods of technical development to conjure the mood and movement of her imaginings. Working with a small team of locally-based artisan jewellers, each element is meticulously handcrafted using traditional techniques – minute leaves are skillfully cut, dots are painstakingly melted, and tiny beads are drilled with precision.

Sia believes collections should grow in their own time; allowing nature’s shifting skies, her ideas and evolving technical practice dictate her workflow – always staying true to the feeling she is trying to evoke. 

Every collection is a story, something like a dream, abstract, but reminiscent of a feeling or a sensation. The shapes we craft in gold are the language which tells the story.

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Quiet moments transformed into
precious objects to be collected and worn…