Sia Taylor MN7 Y Yellow Gold Necklace 3
Tiny Golden Wings Necklace
Golden Seed4
Sia Taylor MN8 Y Yellow Gold Necklace 3
Sia Taylor ME6 Y Yellow Gold Earrings 5


A Golden Seed

Fifteen years after the launch of my first collection, I retrace my roots to create A Golden Seed — an ethereal interpretation of tiny life forms flourishing in the natural world, meticulously translated into luminous yellow gold.

Sia Taylor MB2 Y Yellow Gold Bracelet 3
Grass Seeds Double Chain Bracelet
Golden Seed 7
Golden Wings Necklace
Golden Seed 11
Dandelion Arc Necklace
Golden Seed4
The collection encompasses tiny wings and a dreamlike meadow, played out as effortlessly wearable pieces imbued with a sense of wonder and magic.
Sia Taylor MN1 Y Yellow Gold Necklace 5
Meadow Necklace
Sia Taylor ME15 Y Yellow Gold Earrings 3
Golden Seed 3
Sia Taylor MN4 Y Yellow Gold Necklace 3
Short Grass Seeds Necklace
Sia Taylor ME1 Y Yellow Gold Earrings 5
Meadow Short Earrings
Golden Seed 9
all the wildflowers grow for you…