The Sia Taylor Jewellery website uses electronic (HTTP) cookies for shopping cart functionality and payment processing.

What is an HTTP cookie?

Unlike the baked variety, HTTP cookies are small pieces of data which are stored in your browser when visiting websites. These pieces of data can be set and received by a website and allow websites to better understand activity on their sites.

How we use cookies

Temporary 'session' cookies that contain some information about the state of interaction between the user and the Sia Taylor Jewellery website are used for the purpose of security and the protection of data relating to customers of Sia Taylor Jewellery. These session tokens are permanently destroyed when the user either logs out or closes the Web browser. For additional security, these tokens have a limited period of usefulness, are not stored outside the memory of the Web browser and their data is only included in communications between the Web browser and Sia Taylor Jewellery. These tokens cannot be seen or used by third parties.

Third party cookies

Our chosen payments solution provider (Stripe) uses cookies for the purposes of user authentication, fraud detection, fraud prevention, certain services on its Web site, monitoring of its services and support of its advertising strategies. A full disclosure of Stripe's use of cookies, including persistent cookies, is documented online at The Stripe cookies are an essential part of the payment operations and we cannot offer any service that depends on payments if these cookies are disabled by the user.

There are also anonymous cookies set by - these cookies simply ensure that your visit is counted against the licensing we have to use our brand fonts.

Cookies used by this website


These temporary cookies store session data during a website visit. They are deleted when you close your browser.

Refusing cookies on all sites

Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies, however, blocking cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of some websites. Managing cookies for each browser differs, so we have provided links to more detailed information for some the more popular browsers: